1.   a Japanese business methodology of continuous improvement of working practices, techniques and personal efficiency

2.  "change for the better"

3.  refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous

4.  a systematic approach to achieving small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality

  • Help collect on residual A/R during EMR/PM conversion
  • Determine if the practice is operation in line with industry benchmarks and metrics
  • Assess accuracy of patient balances and speed-up patient collections at a lower cost
  • Uncover and recapture missed revenue opportunities to include retroactive claim-filing
  • Provide temporary help during staffing shortages or an A/R clean-up project

Who can benefit from Kaizen services:

  • Medical Billing Agencies
  • Physician Owners
  • Physician Management Companies
  • Practice Managers
  • Billing Directors
  • Peripheral Entities
  • - Accountants
  • - Collection Agencies
  • - EMR/PM Vendors

Physician practice (re)start-up ("Are you leaving the hospital system and returning to private practice?")

* Overhead/ROI analysis ("Are you paying too much for such things as malpractice insurance? Credit card/merchant fees? Cleaning service? Lab tests?

Provisions of Services

  • The audit process is intended to raise awareness using a non-threatening approach
  • The analysis will acknowledge what is going right as well as what is not
  • Existing staff will be utilized for report generation and their participation is expected in all corrective and improvement action efforts

*Fee structure based on:

  • Type of practice (primary vs specialty)
  • Type of EMR system
  • Type of PM system
  • Size of practice
  • A/R total and aging summary
  • Number of patient statements
  • Acuteness of need