Frustrated by RCM obstacles?

kai•zen ( ˈkīzən )

1. a Japanese business methodology of continuous improvement of working practices, techniques and personal efficiency

2. “change for the better”

3. refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous

4. a systematic approach to achieving small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality

We help streamline the RCM process

Help collecting on residual A/R during EMR/PM conversion
Determine if the practice is operating in line with industry benchmarks and metrics
Improve accuracy of patient balances and speed-up patient collections at a
lower cost
Uncover workflow inefficiencies and process improvement opportunities
Provide temporary help during staffing shortages or an A/R clean-up project
Educate management team on how to generate and understand accurate A/R and financial reports
Less about RCM consulting
More about RCM life coaching

Who can benefit from our RCM services?

• Medical Billing Agencies
• Physician Owners
• Healthcare Management Companies
• Independent Physician Associations

• Practice Managers
• Billing Directors
• Healthcare Accountants
• Hospital Systems

Our Coaching Method


  • The audit process is intended to raise awareness using a non-threatening approach

  • The analysis will acknowledge what is going right as well as what is not

  • Existing staff will be utilized for report generation and their participation is expected in all corrective and improvement action efforts

Statement scrubbing is to patient statements as claims scrubbing is to claims

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Every project is different and requires different skills, tools, and time. Because of that, we cannot give a fixed price for our services. However, the fee for the project is based on:

• Type of practice
• Type of EMR system
• Type of PM system
• Size of practice

• A/R total and aging summary
• Number of patient statements
• Acuteness of need
• Size of billing staff